“The Guest” by André K. Enriquez

André K. Enriquez, 2018 PSP participant

Poet and editor André K. Enriquez earned his BA from Loyola Marymount University where he is currently pursuing his MA. Heavily influenced by the fantasy genre and lyrical surrealism, his poems explore the adaptability of ambiguous contexts, often drawing on themes of loss, peculiar circumstance, and queer identity.

This poem, influenced by Paul Celan, was written during the Prague Summer Program.

The Guest

The dark heads

Of the aspen curtain

Let rest their aegis

For the changing of the guard.

Night assumes her post,

And between the formalities,

He slips in–

His hand,

His leg, and then

His heed–

Sidles into my car as if

To a tin of hot milk.

Back to the wall,

On my hay,

He moves in his sleep,

And from above,

From the unseen,

I resolve to leave and return

With a welcome breakfast

A half-year coming.

But oh–


It’s Monday,

And the train has left.

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