Meluzína is an online publication meant to represent the Prague Summer Program’s twenty-five years of service to the global English-language literary community, a period during which nearly two thousand aspiring and established writers have traveled to Prague to form humane and progressive communities dedicated not only to the production and consumption of literature, but to the processes by which we live to celebrate it. Over the years, we have brought English-language writers at all levels of sophistication and accomplishment to one of the world’s most beautiful and culturally rich cities; each July a new community is constituted. The Prague Summer Program embraces all English-language writers, who have regarded Prague as a beacon of resistance to banality and a location defined by the belief that truth is beautiful. Meluzína is as protean as the sound of wind through a chimney or rocky crags; rather than being organized discretely into issues and volumes, it is a singular space through which voices, like wind and like the human spirit, blow through.

Like the sounds of wind in a chimney, voices will come and go, though we will archive all work that passes through. Alas, during these humble beginnings of our anthology, poems, stories and essays accepted will not be copyedited.

On the left sidebar, you may search pieces by category (we will be adding catagories as we go along) or by typing a name into the search field. With only a few exceptions, each piece is published with a preamble by the author which should explain how the particular piece relates to Prague in general or the Prague Summer Program in particular. Student work is published with a brief biography.

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