Welcome toThe Prague Summer Program Zine

What is the purpose of Meluzína?

Over the course of its quarter-century existence, hundreds of writers have attended the Prague Summer Program and have gone on to publish in reputable journals and publishing houses. The Meluzína zine is meant to reunite the expansive PSP community and showcase the achievements of its students and faculty. It also functions as a platform allowing young writers who pass through the program to publish, some for the first time. Read more.

What does “Meluzína” mean?

Meluzína was a fairy or some other form of supernatural being. The tales about her throughout Europe are various. In Czech, the word indicates the sound of wind in a chimney, through boulders on a cliff, any instance when air becomes audible, creates its own song, its own narrative around and through the stuff of this world. The Meluzína zine represents a facet of the PSP that connects not only to the pedagogy of creative writing but to the core values of a free and vibrant literary culture.

How do you pronounce “Meluzína”?

We use the Czech spelling, which is pronounced [:mel-oo-ZINE-ah:]. In Czech, the emphasis would be on the first syllable. In English, it´s natural to emphasize “zine.”